TNEPDS Customer Helpline Support - tnepds-net-in

TNEPDS Customer Helpline Support – TNPDS

TNEPDS Customer Helpline Support – TNPDS

TNEPDS Customer Helpline Support - tnepds-net-in

TNEPDS/TNPDS always provides customer support to the applicants in case of any tnpds queries or tnepds app doubts.


TNEPS Helpline – Toll Free Numbers





TNEPDS E-mail Support :

In case if you are not satisfied with the tnpds help services you can book a complaint on it online through TNEPDS Official Website(,

If you have any queries regarding the status of your smart card application you can also register a complaint through the message via registered smart card mobile number i.e PDS<space>107 to 9980904040.

Or you can also give a tnpds customer feedback in the “Customer Feedback” thrugh TNEPDS Web Portal.


SMS the code to 9980904040 from Registered Mobile Number


PDS <space> 101 – Availability of Commodity at Ration Shop
PDS <space> 102 – Status of Ration Shop (Open / Close)
PDS <space> 107 – Complaints about Billing

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